Coalition for Inclusive Legal Reforms (hereinafter “Coalition”) is a membership organization. Coalition activity is based on volunteering and equality for all members.

The present Procedure defines membership admission and suspension procedure, members’ rights and responsibilities, membership fee.


  1. The following concepts are used in the present Procedure;

Person with disabilities — a person, who as a result of persistent physical, mental and (or) sensory problems, as well as interaction with environmental barriers faces limitations of participation in public life on equal basis with the others and is identified as disabled.

An organization, representing persons with disabilities- an organization, the goal of which pursuant to Charter is advocacy for and protection of rights of persons with disabilities, support in provision of equal opportunities.

At least 51% of the Organization’s management staff (including the Board, General Assembly, Executive body) and members are persons with disabilities.

Organizations representing children with disabilities, persons with mental health and phycological problems, as well as with combined vision and hearing problems (deafblindness), managed by family members of persons with disabilities, may be considered organizations of persons with disabilities.

Membership principles

2.1. Coalition membership is open for all citizens, foreign citizens, stateless persons and legal entities (organizations), willing to take part in Coalition activities.

2.2. Natural and legal entities, acknowledging and accepting the mission and goals of Coalition and willing to contribute to realization thereof, as well as committed to support Coalition activitites and foster the formation of Coalition’s positive reputation, may become Coalition members.

The following entities may be Coalition members:

Legal entities- non-governmental organizations and foundations created pursuant to RA legislation, which:

Represent persons with disabilities;

Provide services to persons with disabilities; or

Foster, protect or monitor the rights of persons with disabilities;

Non-formal initiatives aimed at protecting the rights of persons with disabilities;

Persons with disabilities;

Persons without disabilities, the activities whereof are directly or indirectly linked to Coalition goals.

2.3. The number of organizations, initiatives not representing persons with disabilities, as well as the number of individual members without disabilities shall not exceed 49% of the total number of members.

2.4. A person willing to join the Coalition shall familiarize with Coalition activities and the present Procedure prior to applying for membership.

2.5. The founders and other members of Coalition have equal status:

Coalition membership procedure

3.1. A written application addressed to the coordinator of Coalition serves the basis for Coalition membership which, following the initial compliance review is presented to the General Assembly of Coalition. Together with the written application the following shall be submitted;

In case of legal entities, reference from two Coalition members, the Charter, description of activities for the last two years, a document on concurring with Coalition Charter and principles.

In case of natural persons, applicant’s CV, description of activities for the last five years, a document on concurring with Coalition Charter and principles.

3.2. The decision on approval or rejection of an application for joining the Coalition is adopted by General Assembly of Coalition.

3.3. The application for Coalition membership is discussed at the upcoming General  Assembly meeting (not later than within 6 months) where a decision is made to approve or reject the application. That decision is adopted by simple majority of votes of General Assembly members.

3.4. The applicant becomes a Coalition member upon adoption by General Assembly of the decision on admitting the Coalition member.

3.5. The applicant is informed on rejection or approval of membership by phone call or E-mail within one week.

3.6. Rejection of Coalition membership is not subject to appeal.

3.7. A newly admitted member receives a membership card and a package of documents from the Coalition which includes the Coalition Charter, summary of Coalition activities, Coalition procedures (including the Code of Conduct), contact information of Coalition members and coordinator.

3.8. The newly admitted member shall sign the document describing the Code of Conduct, a copy of which is issued to the member and the second is filed in the Coalition membership folder.

3.9. The data on new Coalition member are entered in members’ list or database, including first and last name, contact information, other data pursuant to Coalition Procedure.

3.10. In case of availability of relevant grounds and upon consent or request of the applicant, the General Assembly of Coalition may determine the period for membership consideration which shall not exceed one year. During that period the applicant participates in Coalition activitites as an observer without being granted the right to vote.

Members rights and responsibilities

4.1. Coalition members have the right to;

Take part in General Assembly of Coalition;

In cases and pursuant to Procedure defined by the Coalition Charter, to elect and be elected to the executive or supervisory bodies of Coalition;

Familiarize with the documents, protocols on the activities of Coalition bodies, receive the copies on decisions made;

To appeal the decisions of Coalition bodies to the higher bodies of Coalition or by court order;

To take part in the development of documents on the mission and strategy of Coalition;

To participate in various projects implemented by the Coalition per their specialization and abilities;

Come up with suggestions on the activities of Coalition and bodies thereof;

To receive information on Coalition activities and familiarize with financial reports and independent audit conclusions on property management, other reports and documents defined by inner procedures. The required information is provided within a month based on a written application;

Make use of information and logistical means under possession of Coalition pursuant to Coalition Charter;

Receive current information on industry events in Armenia and across the world;

Make use of its services, including receipt of grants in cases and pursuant to Procedure defined by Coalition Charter.

4.2. A Coalition member is shall:

Uphold the reputation and values of Coalition;

Follow the principles of lawfullness and avoid actions that may cause harm to Coalition or reputation of activities of its members;

Follow the requirements of Coalition Charter, inner procedures and other regulatory documents and decisions;

Foster the attainment of Coalition goals, support Coalition activitites;

Fulfil the obligations undertaken as a Coalition member in good faith and avoid conflicts of interest.

4.3. Coalition membership shall not be deemed an obstacle for participation in works of other organizations.

4.4. Coalition is not held liable for obligations of members thereof and Coalition members are not liable for obligations of Coalition.

Addmission fee and Membership fee

5.1. There is no admission fee and annual membership fee for Coalition members.

5.2. The members are free to make donations to Coalition within their financial capacity.

General Assembly

6.1. The regular General Assembly meeting of Coalition members is convened by the Coordinator of Coalition twice a year. An extraordinary General Assembly meeting may be convened by both the Coordinator and the Supervisory Committee or at the request of 1/3 of Coalition members, upon presence of good reasons.

6.2. The Coordinator of Coalition informs members on the agenda, venue, date and time of the meeting not later than 7 days prior to the scheduled meeting date.

6.3. Matters falling under the exclusive competence of the General Assembly include;

Adoption of Coalition Charter, making amendments and additions thereto;

Approval of reports on Coalition activities and use of property;

Election of Coalition coordinator, supervisory body or other bodies (if applicable);

Dissolution and reorganization of Coalition.

6.4. General Assembly may discuss questions and adopt decisions, if more than half of the members take part in the meeting.

6.5. Coalition members may submit suggestions on meeting agenda and questions to be discussed at the beginning of General Assembly meeting.

Membership suspension

7.1. A Coalition member may be removed from Coalition by the decision of General Assembly. Voluntary withdrawal from membership serves as basis for discussing the question of removing a Coalition member,

Moral or material damage deliberately caused to Coalition;

Actions contradicting the mission and values of Coalition;

Deliberate undermining of Coalition’s public standing or reputation, occasional (more than two successive) absences from the General Assembly meeting without good cause;

Violations of requirements of RA legislation, normative and legal requirements, Coalition principles, rules, standards, as well as inner documents.

7.2. Written application of a Coalition member serves as basis for voluntary withdrawal thereof, which is discussed in the upcoming General Assembly meeting.

7.3. In case there are grounds for removal, but it is possible to eliminate them, Coalition Coordinator sends a notice on the need of eliminating the grounds. Notice shall contain information on terms of violation elimination. If the notice remains unanswered or the violations having served the basis for removal from the Coalition cannot be eliminated, then the General Assembly shall discuss the issue of removal.

7.4. The decision on membership suspension is adopted by simple majority of votes of members present at the General Assembly meeting.

7.5. The member is notified in writing about the decision of being removed from the Coalition within 7 days following the adoption of the decision.

7.6. After being removed from Coalition, former members cannot receive back the property and donations made to Coalition management.

Settlement of Disputes

8.1. Disputes between Coalition members, as well as Coalition members and stakeholders shall be settled by the Board with the involvement of representatives of the Executive body, if required.

8.2. Coalition shall inform about the results of the discussion within 7 days.

8.3. Disputes between Coalition and its members may be settled pursuant to regulations and procedure envisaged by RA legislation.